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This is us…

This post is about honesty.

Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about our business and where we want it to go. How it can grow and adapt in an ever-changing world. When we started, it was all about timeless quality. Today, however, it often feels like it’s all about speed, low prices, and adorable props. Now, for the first time, we felt the urge to compete with part-timers (weekend warriors, mommy photogs, and hobbyists) and more and more we find that families are seeking out quicker, cheaper alternatives, rather than going to a professional. We completely understand this.

We started looking at our game plan and wondering what we could do to compete. Should we offer more minis? Find a way to be cheaper and faster? Buy more super-cute props? It all felt like a compromise to our brand and style, still, we started trying to move in that direction. Then, all of a sudden, at almost exactly the same time, Jason and I both put on the brakes. No! We’ve been working for 16 years to build this business into something we are proud of. We realized that we needed to get away from the competitive mentality and stay on this wonderful path we know and love so well. We may be pricier, and we may take more time to edit, but this is who we are, and we want to put as much care as possible into our product.

Instead, we decided to focus more on the tough stuff—the time consuming jobs that a hobbyist might not have the time or energy for—weddings, commercial, and senior photos. We have also decided to put more energy into growing in the right direction—up! And work even harder to provide our clients with more creativity and better quality. Sure, we will still photograph children and families, and use the occasional cutesy prop, but we will be thriving for a handful of quality portraiture at each session.

This post is all about honesty; being honest about who we are, being honest to ourselves, and keeping honest and transparent with you, our amazing clients. You deserve our best work, and that is what we hope to give you!

So now, the photos! Our little Bean-man got glasses last week, and the light was so pretty and soft with the grey drizzly skies, that we packed him and Birdy up for an impromptu shoot at the park. This is us. Our style. Outdoors whenever possible. Organic. Simplicity, in a world of insanely cute, over-the-top props. Timeless.

This is honest.054055


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