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This post has been a long time coming.

We met Tamding last fall during the Tibetan Arts Festival held at SUNY. We try to make a point of bringing our kids to as many cultural and artistic events as tiny little Plattsburgh can offer. And really, it’s amazing how much is offered, if you know when and where to look. Anyway, we met friends at the festival one Saturday to bring the kids to make butter sculptures with the visiting Tibetan monks and to see the exhibit. While we were there, Tamding was translating names into beautiful Tibetan calligraphy. Of course, the kids wanted in. Jason asked Tamding’s permission to take some photos as he worked, and not only did he say yes, but he also plunked his own camera into Jason’s hands and asked him to snap some images for him at the same time.

Jason was intrigued by this talented and friendly stranger, and emailed him when we got home to see if he could get Tamding into the studio for some creative fun. Over the next few days during Tamding’s visit, he and Jason spent a lot of time together in the studio and outdoors, getting still images as well as some raw video footage of Tamding singing. By the time he went home to L.A., a friendship had been formed and many beautiful images captured. Here are just a few of those photos!

In addition to calligrapher, Tamding is an artist, musician, and he is the first Tibetan tattoo artist. Moreover, he is also a Tibetan activist and refugee living in exile.

018019020Jason accidentally captured our own children in Tamding’s camera instead of his own. Here they are holding the names Tamding so beautifully painted for them. I stole this image from Tamding’s facebook page.021In the studio.022023024025026027Here is a music video Tamding made using some of the footage Jason captured here in Plattsburgh. All of Tamding’s music is political and is used as a reminder to further the freedom of Tibetans. It is also beautiful.

Thanks again, Tamding! We brought our children to the college to learn something new, but we ended up learning more ourselves and making a wonderful friend along the way. You are welcome here anytime!

To learn more about Tamding and to see some of his art, visit his website or facebook page!

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