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Hey there, Stranger

I’m sitting here editing during some rare and precious office time and I start realizing that, although our little world has been very boisterous over the past couple months, our facebook page and the blog have not. So, I thought it must be update time!

You haven’t seen much lately, because, quite frankly, there hasn’t been much to share along the lines of photos. And if I have no photos, I often fall short with verbal updates. It’s kind of the same way I never forget a face, but I rarely remember a name. I’m a very visual person. A bit too imaginative, too, but that’s a different story for a different day.

A lot of our recent work has been commercial, and while we do sometimes share behind the scenes and finished photos from these sessions, I usually prefer to share them once the client puts them to use. It’s not that anyone has asked us not to share until then, it’s just my personal preference since I really respect our clients and want them to have control of when their product/employee/campaign gets released.

We’ve also had the recent honor of being asked to assist a photographer who we have the utmost respect for in a project for a world-renowned artist. We were welcomed into their beautifully creative world for an entire day and had the pleasure of not only getting to watch them work, but also of working along-side them. It was invigorating, inspiring, and completely amazing! Heart warmed, mind blown.

A few weeks ago we were visited by a wonderful middle-schooler who shadowed us for a morning as part of a project for school. My closest friends know that middle school scares the bejeezus out of me, in terms of our kids going one day, but this girl restored my faith in young teens. She was polite, sweet, and easy to talk to. We spent our morning photographing a 6 month session, and cooking and styling 5 new dishes for our Mmmm Monday series. Then we ate! It was a great morning and hopefully she came away feeling happy with her decision to choose us for her project.

Last week, we visited Birdy and Bean’s classrooms to build a fun photo with the kids! The kids gathered school supplies to make a background, and once that was photographed, we let each child have the opportunity to be photographed and to photograph a classmate. We talked with the kids for a few minutes about how we were going to shrink each of them down Honey I Shrunk The Kids style and fit them into the scene we all built together. So, we have kids sitting on erasers, perched on top of books, balancing on pencils, you name it. It’s a riot! We can’t wait to visit the classrooms again this week to give each of the kids a copy of their finished masterpiece.

Oh, and I guess we had a ton of baby and family shoots, some quality time with beloved family and friends, and a few outings with the kids mixed in there somewhere. It’s all a perfect blur right now.

And, that brings me to today! Editing, blogging, sipping coffee, and listening to my favorite Pandora station.

It’s a pretty lovely Tuesday morning.



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