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From Trash to Treasure…

    Not long ago, we saw a photography student sitting on the ground, backpack and clipboard beside him, camera in hand.
    He was photographing a trash can.
     It brought us back to a time when photography was so new and mysterious that even a trash can became an exciting and fulfilling subject. Even after 19 years (with 17 of those being professional) photography is still exciting and, as technology keeps changing and improving, new to an extent. And it’s fun! I’m not gonna lie, it’s tons of work and it’s physically demanding at times, but it’s something we love and something we love to do together. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself when I look around our house and remind myself that we built everything we have on photos. I’ll always be thankful for that and for getting to work with Jason everyday.
    So, in celebration of this young stranger delving into a world we know and love so well, I will share our own early trash can photo! In this case, one man’s trash is truly another man’s inspiration!
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